Taboonette, pocket food in NYC, New York

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The owners of Taboon, a Mediterranean restaurant located in Hell's Kitchen, decided to open another location in Greenwich Village; a sister location named Taboonette. The concept is pocket food: putting food into a pita or wrap, like a little pocket. 

I was pretty excited as I love Mediterranean food and the simplicity of pita sandwiches. I was also looking for cheap eats in this area (the highest price on their menu is $12).

The place is nice with a simple decor; the light wood gives a zen atmosphere to it.
Image of Taboonette, NYC, New York

I also loved the lamps and the old fashion bulb where you can see the filament. For sure it is nicer than those energy efficient bulbs! If they could make them look like that, that would be awesome!
Image of Taboonette, NYC, New York

We started off with some hummus with pita chips:
Image of Hummus and pita chips  at Taboonette, NYC, New York

The hummus was good, but did not taste homemade; more like the one I buy at the supermarket. The pita chips were very hard and burnt.

Jodi ordered the Roasted eggplant Tabouleh:
Image of Tabouleh at Taboonette, NYC, New York

It was made of bulgur, parsley, tomato, onion, mint and scallion. It is in fact the way tabouleh is done in countries like Lebanon: the grain is not couscous but bulgur and there is a lot of parsley. I liked it. although I would have preferred more eggplant.

I ordered the Kebab in a pita:
Image of Kebab in a pita at Taboonette, NYC, New York

It was served with few homemade chips. The stuffing was made of ground lamb and beef, grilled eggplant, lettuce, tomato puree, tahini, mint and cilantro. The meat was good with the nice strong flavor of the lamb coming through. But, I do not know if it was due to the tahini, but the texture was off in the bottom of the sandwich.

I was a bit disappointed with Taboonette. I definitely prefer Mamoun's Falafel for kebab and Taim for a vegetarian option...

Enjoy (...)!

And Remember: I Just Want To Eat!

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