Hibachi at Ayame in Hoboken, New Jersey

image of hibachi at Ayame in Hoboken, NJ

Ayame ("Iris" in Japanese) is the only Hibachi place in Hoboken. If you do not know what Hibachi is, it is a grill where food will be cooked during a cooking show that surely requires some skills!
Image of hibachi at Ayame in Hoboken, NJ

I sometimes wonder if people go to Hibachi places for the food or for the show! I go for both!!! First time I tried it was in Seoul, Korea. It was in the hotel I was staying in and I still remember the filet mignon and the grilled veggies, notably the mushrooms and onions that were fantastic. The Chef put a bit of a show, but it was not as much as what I saw later. 
So, here we are at Ayame, excited at the idea of what is to come. Jodi orders the vegetable and tofu Hibachi and I ordered a combo of two where I picked shrimp and chicken (they also have scallops, filet mignon, lobster...). The Chef comes with his little cart full of ingredients and greets us. He then starts by whipping out the hot surface and the show can begin. The video below will speak more than any words I could write!

This was spectacular! What you do not see on the video is that he proposed me some sake. I thought that he would give me some in a shot glass, but instead, he squeezed a bottle to let the sake flow come to my mouth! 

Jodi's vegetable and tofu looked like this:
Image of Vegetable and tofu hibachi plate at Ayame in Hoboken, NJ

My shrimp and chicken combo like that:
Image of Shrimp and chicken hibachi plate at Ayame in Hoboken, NJ

There was definitely a lot if food and the fried rice was not necessary! The only negative is that they asked us if we wanted regular or fried rice, as if it was included!

Otherwise, the food was fantastic: tasty with generous portions. For instance, the shrimp were of a good size and I had a dozen. 

For the second time at Ayame, trying the Hibachi, we had not only a good time, but also some delicious food! We definitely need to go back and try their other dishes!

Enjoy (I did)!

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