Isaan Thai Food at Zabb City in NYC, New York

Image of Zabb City in the East Village NYC, New York

We really found this Thai place, Called Zabb City, by coincidence as it is located in a street, in the East Village, where the only attraction would be Momofuku Milk Bar! It does not look like your typical Thai restaurant: with such a decor, I would easily see a Wine Bar there (would a Thai Wine Bar make any sense? Could be a trend!). Their menu offers Isaan dishes. I know: me too, I have no idea what it means...Isaan is  is the northeastern region of Thailand.Well, their menu proposes the usual dishes you would find in Thai cuisine, but I was desperately looking for the Chef's specials to see if they served frog legs...Yes, I mainly find these delicacies in Thai restaurants! Unfortunately they did not have it!

Of course, I got my usual Thai Iced Tea:
Image of Thai Ice Tea at Zabb City in NYC, New York

I love that drink: so refreshing with its kind of indescribable taste. When you think that you pay $3 for it, that is the price you would pay for a regular tea in a restaurant! $3 for hot water: no (except if the tea is not a basic one); for a Thai Iced Tea: definitely!

We started of the meal with spring rolls:
Image of Vegetable spring rolls at Zabb City in NYC, New York

They were served with duck sauce and red chili flakes (it was not really spicy). The rolls were good, although I would have preferred less dough.

Jodi got the glass noodles or Pad Woonsen:
Image of Glass noodles with Tofu at Zabb City in NYC, New York

They we pretty good: the tofu was fried and was bit tasty and there were a lot of veggies (mushrooms, pepper, broccoli...).

I ordered my test dish for Thai restaurants: Chicken Massaman.
Image of Chicken Curry Massaman at Zabb City in NYC, New York

It was served with white rice. I liked it a lot: the sauce itself was divine and had a little kick that built up in the back of my mouth. The potatoes and onions were well cooked (soft) and cut in a way that it was not a nightmare to eat (no knife needed). No need to say that I finished my plate...

Zabb is a nice and quiet place that offers a good, traditional Thai with similar prices than most of the Thai restaurants in NYC. I surely prefer that place over Spice, located few blocks away...

Enjoy (I did)!
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