A trip to Montreal - Part 2: dinner at Leméac, a French Bistro!

Image of Lemeac French bistro in Montreal, Canada

For our first dinner in Montreal, we went to Leméac, a French Bistro. 

The place was gorgeous with four sections: the bar that was very busy with not only people drinking but also diners, the main dining room, the patio with its large windows and the garden. 
Image of Lemeac French bistro in Montreal, Canada

We decided to walk to the restaurant from the hotel and it probably took us close to an hour, discovering leisurely part of the Old Montreal. So no wonder we arrived hungry! For sure the bread and butter were welcome!
Image of bread at Lemeac French bistro in Montreal, Canada

For appetizer, I ordered the escargots (snails):
Image of escargots snails at Lemeac French bistro in Montreal, Canada

They were served with some pasta, with portobello mushrooms, a tomato coulis and a basil butter sauce. This was fantastic with plenty of different flavors coming from the different main ingredients. Even without the snails, I would have had appreciated that dish as an appetizers. The basil butter sauce was fantastic: smooth and tasty, it brought the dish to an entire level!

For the entrees, Jodi ordered the hanger steak with French fries and "Maitre d'Hotel" butter (called a "compound butter," which simply means that there is some sort of flavoring or seasoning ingredient added to the butter, usually parsley).
Image of Hanger steak with French fries at Lemeac French bistro in Montreal, Canada

The steak, ordered medium, was perfectly cooked and tender, and had some kosher salt on it. I just wished it was a bit warmer so the butter could melt a bit more. The fries, served with mayonnaise, were like I like them: crispy outside and soft inside. 

I ordered the Duck leg confit, roasted fingerling potatoes and salad:
Image of Duck confit at Lemeac French bistro in Montreal, Canada

This was a fantastic fish: the duck confit was not too salty that is the issue sometimes with this dish. The potatoes, served skin on, were delicious, tasty and tender. I ate them with the salad that accompanied the duck. Overall a very good dish!

For dessert, we went for the French toast, milk jam ice cream & maple caramel:
Image of French toast at Lemeac French bistro in Montreal, Canada

I have to say that it was a big portion!!! I could not resist though! The bread was a buttery brioche bread that, although thick, was saturated with the batter. Adding to it the maple caramel that was not too sweet and the delicious ice cream, it was the perfect dessert to end the meal. 

We definitely had a great dinner at Lemeac and the service was courteous and efficient. This is definitely a great place for fine dining without being pretentious. 

Enjoy (I did)!

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