A trip to Montreal - Part 1: Introduction

Image of Place d'armes in Montreal, Canada
Place d'Armes in Montreal
Jodi and me decided to go to Montreal in Canada for the week end. In fact we were planning to go last year, but it snowed heavily in New York and in Montreal, causing our flight to be cancelled. So this time, we decided to go in May. It was a great choice as the temperature was fantastic: 25 degrees C / 77 degrees F!

That was perfect to walk around the Old Montreal and take some photos! 
Image of Rue Saint Urbain in Montreal, Canada
Rue Saint Urbain in Montreal
Image of Random street in Montreal, Canada
Random Street
What was great is that the city has lots of parks!
Image of Parc du bassin Bonsecours in Montreal, Canada
Parc du Bassin Bonsecours
Image of Bassin in the Old Port in Montreal, Canada
Bassin in the Old Port area
The city of Montreal is an island (1.7 inhabitants approx.), so the scenery near the water was beautiful and peaceful. 

People there speak French, with some particular expressions that are either what we would call old French ("breuvage" for "boisson" or drink) or very practical! For instance, dépanneur in Canada is a convenience store; in France, it relates to a mechanic. Both terms mean "helping out", but are used in different ways! I also found some similarities with the US. For instance, the "How are you doing?" ("Comment ca va?") when you go to a restaurant or at the hotel, that you will typically not hear in France. 

Food wise, I could eat my way out there! It is a cosmopolitan city, so no wonder why there are so many restaurants serving ethnic cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Indian, Portuguese, Italian...I was really excited to go there and try some of their well known restaurants that you will discover this week. 
I kind of retrieved the relaxed atmosphere that you find in Europe, where people take time to sit and enjoy their meal, not feeling pressured to leave quickly so another patron can eat!  However, I mostly saw people have beer at the bars and coffee in chains like Starbucks 
Image of Espresso cup at Starbucks coffee in Montreal, Canada

or Van Houtte (when you order an espresso, they ask you if you want it short or long).
Image of Espresso cup at Van Houtte coffee in Montreal, Canada

I admit that I mistakenly thought that Van Houtte was Van Houten, a firm from Holland specialized in hot cocoa drinks that my brother was fond of!

We also went to a Nespresso Boutique for the first time.
Image of Nespresso boutique in Montreal, Canada

 The place was nice and modern with a store on the second floor. We just went there for an espresso as I was in urgent need for one, but they also serve food there as well as other drinks...Well, like a cafe! They will propose any flavor available in the capsules they sell, with different aromatic notes such as honey, citrux, spicy...

I went for the Arpegio, described as:


A dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas, Arpeggio has a strong character and intense body, enhanced by cocoa notes."

It was good but pricey: $5 for a double! I mean I should just buy a machine and open my own joint!

Anyway, I still enjoyed it (I did)!

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!

A trip to Montreal - Part 2: dinner at Leméac, a French Bistro!
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And Remember: I Just Want To Eat!