A trip to Montreal - Part 3 - Fish and Chips at Brit & Chips!

Image of Brit & Chips in Montreal, Canada

Fervent fans of the show "Unique Eats", we could not miss the occasion to be in Montreal and not eat at Brit & Chips! As you may guess, it is for the fish and chips that you would go there. Yes, I know: having fish and chips in Montreal might not seem the first choice for a visitor, but the show made it sound so exceptional that we had to try it!
image of Brit & Chips in Montreal, Canada

We really though that it would be packed so we decided to show up early on Saturday...Well, we were the only customers, but it was probably because it was too early. I mean 11am...

The restaurant was interesting with two rows resembling a casual bar seating. 
Image of Brit & Chips in Montreal, Canada

The menu offers seven different types of fish with some recipes that are traditional with a touch of Quebec. For instance, the fish and chips made with haddock that Jodi chose, was prepared in a maple syrup batter. 
Image of Haddock fish and chips at Brit & Chips in Montreal, Canada

It was delicious with a bit of sweetness to it. The fish was perfectly cooked and flaky, and the batter that had a nice golden color was soft. 

I decided to order the traditional one, made with cod and a Burgundy batter:
Image of Cod fish and chips at Brit & Chips in Montreal, Canada

The batter was crispier and darker, a bit greasier than the haddock one. But it was fine and I liked it a lot. The fish was also perfectly cooked, flaky and seemed fresh. My favorite was the one Jodi ordered though...

The chips or fries were just ok for me. They were soft on the outside and good with some vinegar !
Image of vinegar for fish and chips at Brit & Chips in Montreal, Canada

If you are a fan of fish and chips, Brit & Chips is definitely the place to go to! 

Enjoy (I did)!

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