Kentucky Hot Brown at Bar Americain in New York, NY

In my prior post about Bar Americain, I mentioned this amazing dish called the Kentucky Hot Brown that I discovered on Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network. So imagine that when I went back to his restaurant, I could not miss the opportunity to eat that dish!

Before I tried it, I ordered an open my appetite...I went for the raw sea scallops.
Image of Sea scallops with plantains at Bar Americain in NYC, New York
They were served with a nice sour orange sauce and plantains. The dish looked amazing! And the combination of the raw scallops and sour orange sauce fantastic! I loved the fact that they put plantains as it gave some delightful crunchiness that elevated the dish a bit.
Image of Ricotta crepes at Bar Americain in NYC, New York
Then I tried the ricotta crepe, one of the vegetarian dishes on the menu. The crepe was perfect: thin and slightly chewy. The asparagus was crunchy and the cherry tomato sauce was to die for. It is definitely a dish I would recommend.

Then came the long awaited Kentucky Hot Brown!
Image of Kentucky hot brown at Bar Americain in NYC, New York Bobby Flay
As the name indicates it, this dish comes from Kentucky! It is an open face turkey sandwich dipped in cheese. And trust me: they put a lot of cheese, soften by a very good bechamel sauce. If you are a cheese lover, this dish is for you, but between the cheese and the turkey, you will need a coffee if you do not want to sleep after that! By the way, I could not care less for the tomato and bacon on top: all I wanted was the bread, turkey and bechamel! I always thought turkey is a bit tasteless compared to chicken, but with the cheese on top, it is divine. This dish is amazing!

For dessert (yes, I did have a little space for it), I first tried the pistachio creme brulee.
Image of Pistacchio creme brulee at Bar Americain in NYC, New York Bobby Flay
It was very good and creamy, served with a chocolate cherry biscotti that was pretty good.

I also ate a key lime tart. It was served with some almond brittle for some crunch and a coconut anglaise sauce.
Image of Key lime tart at Bar Americain in NYC, New York Bobby Flay
I saw recently a Throwdown where Chef Flay made one that looked amazing. The crust, made probably with Graham crackers was delicious and buttery. Unfortunately, the key lime part of the tart was way too sweet! So disappointing!

So I had a nice and filling meal this time at Bar Americain. If you go there, try the Kentucky Hot Brown: it is worth the trip!

Enjoy (I did)!

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