Delicious dinner at Matt & Meera in Hoboken, NJ

I guess that if you follow this blog, you realized how much I like Matt & Meera in Hoboken! That place is fantastic and serves an amazing food! So we went back for dinner...again...Yes, I would like to try everything on their menu!

We started off with the spiced meatballs:
Image of Spiced meatballs at Matt and Meera in Hoboken, New Jersey NJ
They are lamb meatballs with a flavor profile similar to the meat samosa, lamb burger or lamb dosa. Don't get me wrong: the fact that there is the same flavor profile in many different dishes is not a problem: it shows the diversity in ways of serving this delicious spiced meat! The sauce, although a bit spicy was the star of the dish: thick, tasty with a hint of spice that builds up little by little in your mouth. They serve it with some naan bread (maybe not enough as I wanted to just get some sauce on the bread and it it, meatless). This was a nice twist on Italian meatballs. 

The next dish was Vietnamese Spring Rolls.
Image of Vietnamese Spring Rolls at Matt and Meera in Hoboken, New Jersey NJ
These are raw spring rolls. They contained tofu, vermicelli and peppers for a bit of crunch. The sauce was raita. It was delicious and fresh!

The last dish was Singapore noodles.
Image of Singapore Noodles at Matt and Meera in Hoboken, New Jersey NJ
This was my least favorite dish so far: not tasty enough; a bit bland.

I have to say that the more I eat at Matt & Meera, the more I like it! Even if I do not like all the dishes!

Enjoy (I surely did)!

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