Brunch at 44&X in NYC, New York

Image of 44 and X in NYC, New York
Few weeks ago, when my brother visited us for few days, we went to 44 1/2, a restaurant located on 44th street and 10th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. On our way, we noticed this joint just one restaurant away called 44&X that was packed. So, we decided to go back to the area and try it.

In fact 44 1/2 and 44&X have the same owner, Bruce. The common element of the restaurant was both the modern decor, the impeccable service, and the little muffins they put on the table, muffins that are a bit addictive...
Image of Muffin at 44 and X in NYC, New York
The menu offers classic brunch dishes, so we went straight for eggs!

Jodi ordered the scrambled eggs served with wild mushrooms, smokehouse bacon and herb toast.
Image of Wild mushroom scrambled eggs at 44 and X in NYC, New York
On my side, I ordered herb scrambled eggs, Vermont cheddar cheese grits and sweet breakfast sausage.
Image of Herb scrambled eggs with cheddar grits at 44 and X in NYC, New York

Let me tell you the portion she got as well as my own dish were very generous and I could barely finish (probably also because of the muffins I ate...). The eggs were fluffy and well cooked, although I prefer mine a bit runny. I think the star of the brunch was the cheese grits: it was succulent! They did not cheat us on the amount of cheese and it was deliciously creamy! The sausages were as advertised: sweet and the bacon was fantastic and crunchy. The potatoes in Jodi's dish were just ok for me, but she loved it.

Like at 44 1/2, they put a bit of fruits on the plate, nice way to finish the meal and clean our palates. 

So, it was very good and I think that if you are looking for a nice brunch in New York, in a modern setting, 44 1/2 and 44&X are great places located steps away from the noisy Times Square!

Enjoy (I did)!

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