European Vacation - Part 13 - The Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Germany

If you like food, the Viktualienmarkt behing Marienplatz in Munich is the place to go. It used to be a farmers'market and is now a place where gourmets and Chefs shop for victuals. It is a huge market that is comprise of more than 140 stalls and shops. 
This is definitely a tourist place as it is one of many attractions that you can find in guides, but people from Munich also go there to get their food and lunch. There is definitely a relaxed atmosphere and you will see many people taking their time to eat or enjoy a delicious beer from Munich!

The market is kind of split by specialties. On one side, you will have a succession of stores that sell meat and sausages.

Shops were next to each other and tourists (like me) were trying to take photos...

Then, the seafood section was on the opposite side.
There, you could enjoy lobsters, shrimp, oysters; you name it.

Other stalls were selling cheeses from all over the world, as well as fruits and vegetables. Interestingly, as it was from season, we saw plenty of white asparagus and Germans seems to be fond of them!
There was even a vendor who was selling exotic fruits. For instance, I saw a durian, a fruit that I tasted once in Singapore, known for its smell (it is forbidden to carry it in public transportation and they are forbidden in hotel).

On top of this, there are plenty of vendors who offer lunches: you can eat sausages, pork meat in bread... We went for a veggie and cheese sandwich.
Yes, I admit that we were not very adventurous there. It is because we ended up in the market after having tried Ratskeller self-service with its awful potato pancake! Of course, after the sandwich, we ended up at Cafe Hag that I mentioned in a prior post...

If you are in Munich, the Viktualienmarkt is definitely a site to visit, even if you do not eat any food there.

Enjoy (I did)!