European Vacation - Part 12 - Bagel Company in Berlin, Germany

We were walking in Berlin, looking around when we ended up in front of the Bagel Company. Bagels did not originate in Germany, but the different stories I found confirm an Easter Europe origin directly or indirectly linked to Poland (some say it is coming from there, others that it was a viennese bread to celebrate the Polish King Jan III Sobieski for saving the people of Austria from Turkish invaders). What is sure is that they existed for Centuries before coming to the United States at the end of the 19th Century, brought by Jewish immigrants. 

I never had a bagel before going to London many years ago: bagels are not known in France. But the best bagels I ever ate were in the United States.
My favorite bagels are H&H bagels (in NYC) and Bagels on the Hudson (in Hoboken, New Jersey).

So, back to the Bagel Company: they have a large selection of sandwiches and spreads (curry/chicken, tuna, feta/tomato, or dried tomato and basil spread, lettuce and vegetables), as well as several types of bagels (plain, whole wheat...). The size of the bagels is probably 80% less than the one we find here.

So, first we tried the whole wheat with cream cheese.
It was good. Simple and good.

Then, we picked the Salami bagel.
It was served with cream cheese, salami, lettuce and tomato. It was good, but there was only one slice of salami, so you could barely taste it. I also preferred the whole wheat bagel. 

In term of price, it was a bit higher than what one would be paying here, but it is a safe choice!

Bagel Company‎
Rosenthaler Str. 69
10119 Berlin
030 40690001
Note: they have several locations in Berlin.

Enjoy (I did)!