Easy Thin Fish With Olive sauce Recipe!

I like sometimes to try few recipes easy to prepare with ingredients I like. Olives is one of them! When I prepare my Olive Oil Oven Poached Tilapia (click here for the recipe), it takes a bit of time. So I decided to do try an olive sauce with simple ingredients: olives, olive oil and garlic.

For the fish, you can use any thin fish such as tilapia or sole. 

Quantities will depend on how much olives you would like. I used manzanilla olives, pitted of course as you do not want to spend your time eating removing the pit...

First, I put some olive oil in a pan (2 tablespoons) and cook the garlic and olives together, with a hint of French tarragon and pepper. Once the garlic starts to brown, remove from the heat.
In another pan, cook the fish in olive oil. I usually cook it for approximately 7 to 9 minutes: all depends on the thickness of the piece you get. Once the fish is closed to be cooked, I add the sauce prepared before. Et voila!

You can serve this dish with mash potatoes or vegetables like corn, asparagus or brussels sprouts.

Bon appétit!