Suspenders in New York, New York - Just bar food...

We had to go to the Financial District over the week end and were looking for somewhere to grab a bite. I saw this place Suspenders, that is not that easy to find and with a weird entrance (you go one story down then open some white doors and then see the entrance)! Going there, do not expect anything than bar food, although with a Mediterranean flair. They serve dishes like grilled octopus, chicken souvlaki (that I tried) or more classic dishes like grilled cheese or sandwiches. The place was of course empty for a Saturday lunch time (do not forget it is a business area). The room is pretty big with first the bar and then the dining room. The service was courteous and efficient.

On the week end, they have a week end special that is a dish with a soda for less than $8. Of course, what they serve is smaller than the regular dish and fortunately we had an appetizer!

We chose the Mediterranean Platter: house made hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki, kalamata olives (3 of them!) and warm pita. Overall very good even if the babaganoush was lacking some eggplant.

I then tried the chicken slouvaki: a marinated chicken skewer served with tzatziki sauce and greek salad. The chicken was good, especially dipped in the tzatziki sauce. However, I could care less about the greek salad: the tomatoes were not of great quality and there was only one cube of feta!

I also tried the Grilled Cheese made with sharp cheddar cheese and fresh mozzarella grilled with crispy bacon and tomato. It was pretty decent despite the cheap processed cheese....It was also served with a greek salad, similar to the one with the chicken.

Suspenders is probably not the best restaurant in the area and seems to be more an after work gathering place. The food was ok for the price. It was this or Subway next door...

Enjoy (I barely did)!

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