Las Olas, Latin and Japanese fusion in Hoboken, NJ

I guess now everybody is trying to do some kind of fusion! Japanese and Latin since to be the way to go these days. That is true that there are two completely different cuisines. I am not sure if a Pakistani / Indian or Portuguese / Brazilian fusion restaurant would have that much of a success! After Taka Taka few weeks ago, we ended up at Las Olas in Hoboken, a new restaurant that replaced the Sushi House. 

The place is nice and neat with a nice bar and sushi bar. The service was attentive and courteous, maybe too much (might have been because they just opened and were dying for clients as the place was empty). In term of prices, it is pricier than most of the Japanese restaurants in Hoboken.

We started with the appetizer: a spicy mango tuna tartare (photo 2) that is spicy tuna (from a can?) chopped with mango and served with homemade tortilla chips. I love tuna tartare, but I was kind of disappointed, because it was canned tuna and missed the freshness of a tuna tartare made with chopped fresh tuna. To give a latin flair, I would have served it with avocado or guacamole as they did at Taka Taka (not that I am comparing...). Then, I decided to go with one of my favorite roll: spicy scallop roll. They have a latin version called El Fuego (photo 1): spicy scallop and avocado served with jalapeno and two types of tobiko (fish eggs). Based on the name, I thought that I would get some spice in my mouth and would not need any wasabi. It was not spicy at all!!! Good, but not spicy! So do not call it El Fuego! It is misleading!

We also tried the Yakisoba (photo 3), stir fried soba noodles with vegetables. This was a bad choice: bland, very, very bland. Where were the veggies? There were only onions in it! 

So, at the end, I was disappointed by the meal, probably because the Japanese / Latin fusion made me expect more flavors. I do not know if it is because they just opened and are trying to fine tune their menu.

I may go back another time and try something else as their menu is appetizing. Hopefully it does not stop there...

Enjoy (I will)!

Las Olas
1319 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 222-9991

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