A Trip To Milwaukee - Part 11: Barnacle Buds

So here comes the last meal to review after this memorable trip to Milwaukee. There was definitely some good eatin' there!

Barnacle Buds is a seafood restaurant in the Bay view area that has a fantastic outdoor deck with an amazing view. I do not think I would have found this place without being invited there and a GPS is definitely necessary to find them, as it is in the middle of an industrial area, a good hour walk from downtown Milwaukee. Even with that, it was packed and, Boy!, there was some ambiance there! Especially with this singer / guitar player who was having a shot of whiskey after each song and had table participate to the show. 

Food wise, they serve different types of seafood: oysters, mussels, crab cakes... They also serve burgers, wings...I went for the crab cake benedict. The crab cake was good: you could really taste the crab. However, I was disappointed by the poached eggs: they were overcooked. How can you overcook that ! What is interesting is that I was not the only one who had an overcooked egg. So maybe they prefer doing it this way... That was a big disappointment because the beauty of an egg benedict is when you break the yolk and it falls on the other ingredients of the dish, as if it was a sauce in addition to the Hollandaise (that was very good). And then you dip the crab cakes and muffin in the yolk and sauce, bringing an explosion of flavors to your palate! The dish was served with two hash brown very crispy, but kind of greasy.

I saw some other of their dishes and they looked appetizing (mussels and fries, oysters, wings), with a very simple and rustic presentation. If you like a Bloody Mary, theirs looked good with a pickle in it!

Despite the eggs, I would go back and would go for the oysters and mussels! I would also go back for the crab cakes but not benedict...

Enjoy (I did)! 

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