A trip to Milwaukee - Part 10: The Cafe at the Pfister Hotel

The Pfister hotel is one of the nicest hotels I ever stayed at. Simply Gorgeous! On top of that, the legend says that it is haunted! The ninth floor...
We went to the Cafe for breakfast and brunch and it was pretty reasonable. One comment though: why do you put sugar on top of a chocolate croissant? Come on!

Besides that, their brunch menu offers a nice selection of classic and special dishes, from pancakes, french toasts or eggs. We have tried (in order of photos 2 to 4):

  • The fresh veggies omelet: stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, onions, green peppers, fresh spinach, diced tomatoes, and finished with wisconsin swiss cheese. This was really good! The eggs were cooked perfectly (not overcooked and moist!) and you could really taste the vegetables and the cheese. It was served with some very nice hash brown. 
  • Bananas Fosters French Toast : classic French toast with caramelized banana, rum sauce and whipped cream. Delicious! Although I wish they put real whipped cream...
  • South of the Border: two poached eggs, griddled chorizo, toasted english muffins, hollandaise sauce with fresh pico de gallo. Served also with hash brown. That was good although a little salty (the chorizo). The eggs were perfectly poached and the hollandaise sauce quite creamy. Putting pico de gallo on top of this was a great idea!

Definitely some good food there! If you do not have time to sit, you can purchase to go some croissant, chocolate croissant, cupcakes, chocolate cakes, etc... Try it out!

Enjoy (I do)!
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