A Trip to Milwaukee - Part 9: The Cupcake Company

First, you need to know that before coming to the USA, I had no idea what a cupcake was. Then, I tried and did not like it! Simple: not enough frosting and too much cake! I then tried Sweet in Hoboken: that was a revelation! Good proportions, incredible cream cheese frosting and very moist cake. So, when we saw the Cupcake Company next to the restaurant Coquette (see previous post), we were really excited. 
We tried (in order on the photo):
  • S'mores: quite good.
  • The Riverwest - Cookies and cream. Good but nothing astonishing. 
  • The Shorewood: vanilla cake with butterscotch chips, filled with caramel, and topped with caramel buttercream, sea salt, raw sugar and pecan. Very good, my favorite. The best part is when eating caramel and salt at the same time!
  • The North Shore - Red Velvet: weird taste. Red Velvet is either a hit or miss. It was a miss.
It was definitely not the best Cupcakes I ever had. I would persevere though as they seem to have some creativity and it might have been a wrong choice on our part. For example, this week they have a creme brulee cupcake!!!

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