Recipe: Ravioli In Parmesan Cream Sauce

So, this recipe comes from a dish I ate at Cafe Fiorello in New York. The first time I tried to make it, it needed some rework (i'll explain why), but now, I think I came up with a pretty good recipe that I hope you will enjoy!

It is very easy to make and will not take that much of your time (20 to 25 minutes)!

Ingredients for 3 people:
- Four Cheese Ravioli (9 oz / 250 g)
- Heavy Cream (1/2 pint / 210 ml)
- Grated Parmesan Cheese (0.4 lb / 200 g)

Bring water with a bit of olive oil to a boil. Do not add salt as the parmesan is already salty. 
Put the ravioli in the boiling water and cook them al dente (if they give you a range of minutes, cook them to the minimum). Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees. When the ravioli are cooked, drain them. 
In a gratin dish or a dish that can go in the oven, put a layer of ravioli, heavy cream and then cover generously with parmesan. Make a second layer the same way.
Put the dish in the oven for 10 minutes to let the parmesan melt. Then put the oven on broil until the cheese is gratiné! Et voila!

Image of Ravioli with parmesan sauce

So the mistake I made the first time was to use sour cream. It did not create the consistency of a sauce, instead, it created some patches of cream.

Bon appétit!