Milk Shake at Kilwin's!

With this hot weather, thank God we got Ice cream and Milk Shakes! We were in Annapolis this week end and the temperature was so hot, that I really needed to...hydrate... We found a Kilwin's store. We first started with a sample of their triple chocolate fudge: delicious! I then ended up having a praline butter pecan milk shake. I usually choose vanilla milk shakes, but this time, it was too tempting as it is rare to find praline flavor. It started very well when I saw the person put three huge scoops of ice cream in the cup. The milk shake was thick and vary tasty. The only regret I have is that the straw was a regular straw and pecans got stuck from time to time in it. This was one of the best milk shakes I ever had!
My wife got the toasted coconut ice cream and she loved it!

Too bad Kilwin's is not in New York!
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