Restaurant Review: The Abbey Burger Bistro (Baltimore, MD)

Now let me tell you: I wish the Abbey Burger Bistro was in NYC!!! They serve one of the best burgers I ever had! I cannot tell you what else is on the menu as we came especially for it. The way it works is that you create your own burger: you pick the meat (beef, lamb, bison, Ostrich, chicken, turkey...), the bread (bun, muffin, pretzel bread...), cheese (american, swiss, ...), the toppings and sauces (both quite diverse and original). I picked a lamb burger and also tried the beef burger. The meat was so good: perfectly cooked (medium), very tasty and juicy, but not to the point where it becomes messy to eat (an issue with 5 Napkins Burgers)! As sides, they offer chips, onion rings (slightly greasy) and fries. 

If you go to Baltimore, I definitely recommend this place!

Enjoy (I did)!
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