Scrambled Eggs!!!

Why can't restaurant cook eggs properly? I hate when they overcook them: they are all dry and lose their taste! There are so many different ways of cooking eggs: omelet, boiled, scrambled, Benedict, poached...Today, let's talk about scrambled eggs.

The origin of scrambled eggs goes back far far away, in Ancient Roman. Eggs will be whisked and mixed with vegetables and spices before being baked. Was it similar to what we know today as scrambled eggs or to an omelet? Difficult to say! The ingredients you mix the eggs with depend on the culture, region or country. For instance, in Nigeria, they will make them spicy with tomatoes, herbs and chillies. In Morocco, with tomatoes, onions and cumin.

Did you know that the song "Yesterday" from the Beatles was at the beginning called "Scrambled Eggs" ("Scrambled Eggs/Oh, my baby how I love your legs" was the first verse)? This was at the time John Lennon and Paul McCartney were writing using the method of the substitute lyrics.

So, now let me tell you how I prepare them: I usually whisk them with salt and pepper and then scramble them in a pan, while adding milk. I like to cook then slightly runny after making sure the milk has been fully integrated with the eggs: they will be moist and smooth. I will eat them with a piece of buttered toast. Yum!

Enjoy (I do)!