Magnum ice cream in Bryant Park, NYC!

I was recently invited to try the "Make your own" Ice cream bars from Magnum at Bryant Park. I love the make your own concept, that I experienced mainly with frozen yogurt.

So, first you pick your toppings. The place being small, it is limited. They have things like peanut butter cookie crumbs, salted pretzel, toasted coconut or rice krispies. You can pick up to three toppings.

Then, they will take an ice cream bar and dip it in either dark or milk chocolate.

Then, they will put the toppings you picked on top of you ice cream, drizzle some chocolate and add a chocolate chip with a M written on it, for Magnum.

I decided to go with milk chocolate, salted pretzels and rice Krispies.

Jodi went for milk chocolate, toasted coconut and rice krispies:

This was fantastic: the ice cream was very creamy and personally, I love the sweet and salty flavor. Serving it on a little tray was smart as otherwise it would be too messy to eat.

It is definitely something I would try again and so you know, each ice cream is $6, that is a pretty reasonable price! 

Located W40th and 6th avenue!

Enjoy (I did)!

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And Remember: I Just Want To Eat!