Ice cream at Il Laboratorio Del Gelato in NYC, New York

Gelato always reminds me of our trip to Italy few years ago where we had gelato on a daily basis! Coconut for Jodi and Hazelnut or nutella for me! I remember that, at the time, it costed 2 Euros and we had a huge amount of it!

So, here we are at Il Laboratorio Del Gelato or the Ice Cream Laboratory. 

They did a good job making it look like a laboratory where they experiment and create incredible ice cream such as olive oil or tarragon! I tried the olive oil ice cream and it was fairly good, with sufficient taste of olive oil.

Jodi decided to order coconut and marshmallow:

I went for cookies and cream, and chocolate and hazelnut:

I liked the marshmallow and cookies and cream ice cream: they were creamy and tasty, the cookies and cream having some decent chunks of oreo cookie. But I was extremely disappointed by the chocolate and hazelnut one: you could barely taste the hazelnut and the chocolate was a bit bitter. When I ordered it, I thought it would be similar to nutella: not at all! 
Then, for the first time, I saw Jodi not eat her coconut ice cream! I tried it and it is true that it was lacking coconut taste.

At the end, I am on the fence for Il Laboratorio Del Gelato and may go back to try other flavors. At this point, I still think that Eataly or Grom are better.

Enjoy (...)!

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