French roast in NYC, New York

image of French roast in NYC, New York

French Roast is a French bistro that has two locations in New York City: one Downtown and one Uptown. It is affiliated with some of the famous French bistros / brasseries like Nice Matin or Marseille. 
image of French roast in NYC, New York

The decor is pretty standard with its bistro feel, accentuated by the old ads that I love to look at: colorful and amazing. 

The menu is also standard for a bistro, with the traditional dishes: escargots, moules frites, steak frites...

We decided to go for appetizers only, so we could try several dishes and hopefully dessert!

I started of with the escargots de Bourgogne:
image of escargots de Bourgogne at French roast in NYC, New York

They were cooked in butter, garlic and parsley. Good, but it was as if they added something else, the butter being overpowered by a secret ingredient, that reminded me the taste of escargots made with Pastis...

Then, we shared the Goujonettes or crispy Atlantic Pollack fritters:
image of goujonettes at French roast in NYC, New York

They were like fish beignets and the sauce was like a lemon preserved aioli (you could not miss the hints of lemon)! I really liked it: the fish was flaky and perfectly cooked. The batter was soft and not overpowering. A great appetizer to share!

Then, Jodi got the salade d'été:
image of salade d'ete at French roast in NYC, New York

It was made with bucheron goat cheese, grilled corn, summer squash...
It was pretty good and a nice twist to the salade de chèvre chaud (goat cheese salad) that Jodi loves to order when we go to France. 

On my side, I ordered the confit de canard or petit salad. 
image of duck confit at French roast in NYC, New York

It was a house made duck confit simply served with frisée salad. I loved it: tasty, it was not salty, that is often the case with that dish. Perfectly slow cooked or shall I say over cooked, the meat fell of the bones! Delicious!

Then, we decided to share a dessert and went for the chocolate mousse. 
image of chocolate mousse at French roast in NYC, New York

It was made with three layers of chocolate: white, milk and dark, each if them having a different texture, more dense as the color went darker. It was very good, light and again a nice twist on the very traditional chocolate mousse. 

The food at French Roast was very good and I am sure we will be back to try other dishes! I would like to mention, however, that the service was not great and took forever, although the restaurant was not that crowded that night! Nevertheless, the food was worth the wait!

French Roast
Greenwich Village
78 W 11th St
New York, NY 10011

Enjoy (I did)!

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