Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

image of Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

Maison Kayser, located on the Upper East side is the flagship restaurant of French Chef Eric Kayser who opened this place last year and is currently in process of opening additional ones near the Flatiron and Columbus Circle. It is an interesting place. At the entrance, is the store where you can look at the yummy pastries and viennoiseries. 
image of Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

Then, on the right is the dining room where we decided to sit. 
image of Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

The staff was dressed with sailor t-shirts ("t-shirt marin") that are mainly worn in West of France, particularly in Brittany. 

We already had lunch before, at Francois Payard Bakery near Columbus Circle, not at the one that opened across the street from Maison Kayser recently!!! So we decided to have coffee and desserts. 

Jodi had a mint green tea that she loved, as well as a Mille feuilles. 
image of Mille feuilles at Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

I was so disappointed when I saw the Mille feuilles! It was not at all the traditional one and was really not as good. I mean, the best part in the Mille feuilles is the icing on top that is phenomenal and this pastry did not have any! 

On my side, I ordered a cafe gourmand.
image of Cafe gourmand at Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

The concept of cafe gourmand is coffee with small size pastries. It started few years ago in France and is now quite common.
image of Cafe gourmand at Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

The pastries we got were: financiers (bottom left), Paris Brest (top left), tarte au citron (lemon tart - top right) and raspberry tart (bottom right). 
The financiers were good, but not as dense as they should be, missing a bit the almond taste. 
The tarte au citron had a very weird after taste. 
The Paris Brest shell was overcooked and the cream so so (praline cream).
image of raspberry tart at Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

Only the raspberry tart was good. 

We also shared an elephant ear or palmier. 
image of elephant ear or palmier at Maison Kayser in NYC, New York

It was big, but unfortunately overcooked and dry, missing the buttery taste that makes this cookie so good. 

Fortunately, I tasted the viennoiseries another time. It was the chocolate croissant and the pain aux raisins. Both were good, although the pain aux raisins was a bit undercooked. 

Yes, it was disappointing because so many people told me good things about this place. I think that Dominique Ansel Bakery is much better, serving incredible pastries that would satisfy any sweet tooth!

Maison Kayser
1294 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10022

Enjoy (...)!

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