Lobster Roll at Lobster Smack in NYC, New York

image of Lobster Roll at Lobster Smack in NYC, New York

Before coming in the US, I had no idea that lobster rolls exist! Lobster is considered a delicacy in France and nobody would have the idea of putting such a delicate piece of seafood in a piece of bread, smothered by sauce, mainly mayonnaise based! But this is changing and few restaurants are trying to showcase this fantastic sandwich across the Atlantic, such as Lobster Bar near Rivoli, Jeanne B in Montmartre or  Ralph's, the eatery inside the Ralph Lauren store at Saint Germain des Pres. 

So, after a bad brunch, walking in the streets, we saw Lobster Smack. As I always wanted to try it and did not eat so much before, I decided to go there to try their lobster roll. The place is a fast casual restaurant, where you order at the counter and pick up your order. You cannot miss the fact that they serve seafood, considering the decor. 
Image of Lobster at Lobster Smack in NYC, New York

So, I went up to order and it was as if I was bothering the guy. Started well! A warm hello and a smile would have been welcome! I seemed to annoy him when I asked what the Old Bay sauce was. It is not as if the place was packed and they were stressed out! As Jodi put it, he was like a ray of sunshine. Then, not only it took forever to be prepared (again, there was barely any customers), but they also prepared the order of the person who came after me first, showing their lack of organization in processing orders. Suddenly, I heard "Old Bay regular"! I turned and saw my lobster roll at the counter. No "enjoy" to accompany it, but thank you anyway!

Image of Lobster roll at Lobster Smack in NYC, New York

I think the surprise was when I opened the box: it was small! I probably made a face showing my surprise and disappointment. Not only it was a baby lobster roll, but on top of that, there was more bread than lobster. To add to this culinary catastrophe, the old bay sauce was salty. 

I will for sure remember my visit at Lobster Smack and next time I want a lobster roll, I will probably go somewhere else!!!

Enjoy (...)! 

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