Spice, Thai restaurant in NYC, New York

I have to admit that I did not know what to expect from Spice, a restaurant chain, that serves Thai food. We went to their located close to Union Square.

For sure, this is not like your typical Thai restaurant: the atmosphere is more the one of a club than a restaurant, with very dimmed lights, eclectic decor and loud music.

After ordering a Thai Ice Tea that was very good, we ordered our food. I have to say that the waitress was annoying as she was trying to push us to order the special of the day, instead of the dishes we chose!

We started off with appetizers. The vegetable Spring rolls:
Image of Vegetable Spring Rolls at Spice, Thai restaurant in NYC, New York

They were tasty but very, very greasy!

Then, I ordered the duck bun(s):
Image of Duck buns at Spice, Thai restaurant in NYC, New York

Jodi does not like duck so it was only for me. As the name of the dish was in singular form, I did not expect to see three of them! For $7, it is a good deal! The first bun was so so: the duck was a bit tough. However, the next two were divine with a more tender duck and a delicious hoasin sauce in the middle as well as the duck sauce all over the plate! A bit messy to eat, but fantastic!

Jodi ordered the Pad Thai:
Image of Pad Thai at Spice, Thai restaurant in NYC, New York

These large noodles were delicious, although a bit salty. They were served with egg, scallions and bean curd.

On my side, I ordered the Chicken Massaman:
Image of Chicken Massaman at Spice, Thai restaurant in NYC, New York

This is one of my favorite dishes and theirs was pretty good, although spicy (there was no chili next to the dish on the menu indicating it would be spicy). It was a nice quantity of it.
Image of White rice at Spice, Thai restaurant in NYC, New York

With it, came some white rice that was well presented.

Well, what can I say more? That was just white rice...Nothing special.

Although I liked the dinner, I did not really appreciate Spice: too loud and pushing too much on specials to have a nice evening with a love one or friends.

39 E 13th St
New York, NY 10003

Enjoy (I did)!

And Remember: I Just Want To Eat!

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