Cookies at City Bakery and Rocco's in NYC, New York

I guess this past week end was a cookie discovery, in the sense that we got to try some cookies for snacks. The first joint we went to is City Bakery; not that we went there for their cookies, but more for their hot chocolate. The second one, is Rocco's on Bleecker street.
Image of the Entrance of City Bakery in NYC, New York

City Bakery is supposedly known for their hot chocolate and I read recently an article ranking it best hot chocolate in the US. It said: "Made from pure melted chocolate bars and topped with homemade marshmallows, this thick hot chocolate is F&W editor in chief Dana Cowin's favorite version in the country". 
So, here we are at City Bakery: the place is packed! We can see lots of people with a cup of hot chocolate, food and cookies. As we ordered, we could not miss the chocolate room behind us...Promising!
Image of Chocolate room of City Bakery in NYC, New York

As well as the rack full of freshly made cookies in front of us!
Image of Tray of cookies at City Bakery in NYC, New York

That was so tempting that we decided to get a chocolate chip cookie!
Image of Chocolate chip cookie at City Bakery in NYC, New York

It was a nice size and you could definitely see that there was a lot of chocolate! Not the type of cookies where you are looking for chocolate chips! This cookie was one of the best I ever tried! It was not too sweet, was chewy and heavenly buttery. The photo below will show you that they do not cheat their customers when it comes to chocolate:
Image of Chocolate chip cookie at City Bakery in NYC, New York

The hot chocolate however was a bit disappointing...

Image of Hot Chocolate at City Bakery in NYC, New York

It started well though! Imagine a cup full of melted chocolate with a homemade marshmallow in it. I was so expecting something scrumptious...It was not the case. I am not sure what chocolate bar they use or if it is because I ate some cookie before, but I found it just ok. It is not like the hot chocolate at Max Brenner where I drink a bit and then will finish it in few minutes. In fact, I left some of it, that is very rare with me. 

The second bakery is Rocco's.
Image of the Entrance of Rocco's in NYC, New York

We were just walking in the street when we saw all these big cookies at the window!
Image of Pastries linzer tarts and cookies at Rocco's in NYC, New York

Look at the size of the cookies next to the Linzer tarts! They had plenty of them: s'mores, twix, chocolate chip, dark chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate peppermint... And inside, it was as if we found heaven for sweets!

Image of Pastries and cookies at Rocco's in NYC, New York

I ordered a twix cookie and Jodi a chocolate chip one. I took a photo of each of them next to a lemon, so you can see the size of it!
Image of Chocolate chip cookie at Rocco's in NYC, New York
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Image of Twix cookie at Rocco's in NYC, New York
Twix Cookie
I love twix and was pretty excited to try a twix cookie! Unfortunately, you could barely taste the twix. The cookie was not soft and not chewy, too sweet and lacking butter. The chocolate chip one was not better and tasted more like a crumbled vanilla cookie than anything else. They were disappointing. 

I think the mistake with Rocco's is that it is an Italian Bakery, so we should have tried some Italian specialties such as cannoli or Napoleons. As for City Bakery, I would go back to try their other cookies or just get again their chocolate chip cookie!
City Bakery - 1
Rocco's - 0

Enjoy (I did)!

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