Bibimbap at Miss Korea BBQ in NYC, New York

In our quest for the best Bibimbap, this fantastic Korean rice bowl dish, we decided to go to Miss Korea BBQ in Korea Town.

When we arrived in the restaurant, we were asked if we would consume alcohol. As we said no, we were sent upstairs, on the third floor (probably because their second location did not have a liquor license and they wanted to preserve the main one to their customers who would order some). They told us that this was the same menu and same cuisine. As the elevator was out of order and we proceeded to take the stairs. This was like going to a hidden and secret place, in these dark staircases (ok, maybe I saw too many James Bond). 
Image of Entrance of Miss Korea BBQ in Koreatown NYC, New York

So here we are in the restaurant on the third floor! I do not know if the one downstairs has the same decor, but this one was modern.

Image of Banchan at Miss Korea BBQ in Koreatown NYC, New York

Once we ordered our food, they brought us the banchan, these little plates that usually start a Korean meal. These dishes were not that great I have to say! The only thing I liked was the turnip and the fish skin. Otherwise, they had some fish that had a very strong taste and the kimchi was replaced by a bok choy salad that I did not really like.
image of Bokchoy at Miss Korea BBQ in Koreatown NYC, New York

They also brought us a soup made with a beef stock base (it was the special soup of the day apparently). The soup was just fine. Anyway, we were there for the bibimbap, so I did not mind not loving it!
Image of Beef stock soup at Miss Korea BBQ in Koreatown NYC, New York

For Bibimbap, they have a vegetarian one that is cold or a selection of hot ones, made with tofu & mushroom, beef, chicken, pork or seafood.

Jodi went for the tofu & Mushrooms. She asked for a raw egg also.
Image of Tofu and mushrooms bibimbap at Miss Korea BBQ in Koreatown NYC, New York

On my side, I asked for the kimchi and Bulgogi (marinated beef).
Image of Kimchi and bulgogi bibimbap at Miss Korea BBQ in Koreatown NYC, New York

Although I appreciated the taste of the beef, the main problem was that they added seaweed to the bibimbap, giving a fishy taste to the dish. Without it, it would have been decent...
The mushroom and tofu bibimbap was a bit bland and definitely, after having tried some homemade tofu at Cho Dang Gol in NYC, it is difficult to appreciate store bought tofu!

So, definitely, Miss Korea BBQ is not the best bibimbap place we were looking for...I guess the quest continues!

Enjoy (no comment)!

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