Delicious Gelato at Eataly in NYC, New York

With the hot days we got recently, indulging in gelato was necessary! So we ended up at Eataly, this amazing Italian Marketplace I love to go to!

So we decided to try their gelato. There is always a big line, but sometimes, you have to sacrifice yourself...

Jodi got the coconut gelato in a cone.
Coconut is Jodi's favorite flavor. I tried it and it was quite good: creamy with a nice coconut taste. The cone was crunchy and filled with ice cream.

On my side, I ordered two flavors in a cup: hazelnut and salted caramel.
They put a lot of ice cream! My favorite was definitely the hazelnut one. So tasty! The salted caramel was good too: so funny to see that salted caramel is now everywhere, from crepes to ice cream!

Then, another time, I decided to try something different: watermelon sorbet and banana gelato with chocolate chips.
The banana with chocolate chip gelato was just ok. It was not as creamy as I thought and I had better banana ice cream in the past. However, I did not like at all the watermelon sorbet: it had no taste! I should have one with the hazelnut gelato!!!

Although the last try was not that great, I love Eataly's gelato! It reminded me of the gelato we got when we went to Italy few years ago: we ate amazing gelato everyday! Whether it was chocolate, hazelnut or...nutella! I remember that the gelato were huge for as much as 2 Euros ($2.6)! So, going to Italy was like going back few years back!!!

Enjoy (I did)!