Brunch at The Cuban in Hoboken, NJ

After this exquisite dinner we had at The Cuban in Hoboken few months ago (see review by clicking here), we decided to go back, but this time for brunch! Especially since we saw that they serve a tres leches French Toast! Yes, you read well: tres leches French Toast!

So we started with the Tortilla de papa y chorizo.

It is a fluffy omelet with potatoes, chorizo, onion, manchego cheese and tomato  escabeche (escabeche means a dish marinated in an acidic mixture such as vinegar or lemon). That was some omelet! First, the portion was of a good size. Then, it tasted great! The eggs were beautifully cooked: overcooked, eggs can be dry. These were very moist. They cut all the ingredients in it in small pieces, so you could get a bit of everything at each bite.

Then came the torrejas.
The way they make it is that they crust the bread with almonds and corn flakes. In the bottom, they put some tres leches as the photo below shows:
What was great is that the tres leches was not too sweet at all. Otherwise it would have been horrible with the maple syrup!

So, both dishes were fantastic and we ended up paying $23! I will definitely go back there and encourage you to try!

Enjoy (I sure did)!