European Vacation - Part 15 - Lebanese Food in Berlin, Germany

Towards the end of our vacations, in Berlin, we tried different types of cuisines. If you read my other blog posts, you probably seen two things:
1- German cuisine was not my forte. I admit that maybe it was because we did not find the good restaurants where maybe I would have had an epiphany!
2 - There were tons of ethnic cuisines...and I love it!

So let's start with Duniya, a Lebanese restaurant located in the Derag Living Hotel. The restaurant itself was nice with an outdoor patio, a cafe and the dining room. The server was a bit overwhelm and the service suffered from it. Imagine that the poor guy was the only one to take care of all the customers, going inside and outside intermittently. He clearly did not have time to take a break!
I love Lebanese food so it was a great occasion to have some. Not that we are missing Lebanese cuisine in NYC!

The menu offered several specialties that are pretty common: falafel, couscous, kebab...

So we had the falafel platter.
It was served with Tahini sauce, Lebaneh (cheese spread made with feta and sometimes cream cheese or mozzarella), hummus (chick pea spread) and some sort of ratatouille. The Falafel were just ok. A bit dry. However the hummus and Lebaneh were perfect on the pita bread that came with it!

We also had the lamb kebab.
It was supposed to be served with grilled vegetables. Unfortunately, they mainly served it with onions. Lots of onions. I also did not care about the pita they served with it: there was some tomato sauce on it and...onions...Too bad, because I really enjoyed the kebab itself: it had a delicious lamb taste and was very moist. 

We finished the dinner with a baklava and traditional mint tea.
The tea was good but I would have liked it stronger. It is the perfect drink with a baklava! The baklava was a bit dry, missing some honey.

So, at the end of the dinner, I was a bit disappointed. The food was just ok. I am sure there are better Lebanese restaurants in Berlin! So no need to go there!

Enjoy (the post)!

Neue Roßstraße 11-12,
10179 Berlin