European Vacation - Part 14 - Vino Caffe in Munich, Germany

If you read my post, you probably realized that my experience of German food was not that great. As I mentioned before, it might have been my cold or just the fact that I did not prepare enough the trip to make sure I would eat in the best places to try German cuisine. So I admit that from time to time, we had non German food, whether in Munich or Berlin. Interestingly enough, I noticed plenty of Asian restaurants (Thai, Indian...) as well as Doner cafe. And of course, Italian restaurants.

In fact, the best dinner I had in Germany, was at Vino Caffe, an Italian wine bar very close to our hotel. Clearly, the location was not ideal as not on a main street, but it seemed to be popular with mostly German customers (meaning, coming back because the food is good?).
I really liked the decor with this big shelf full of wine bottles that was separating the bar from the dining room.
The service was perfect and they were kind enough to describe the dishes for us as they did not have any menu in English.

We started with a Cream of white asparagus.
It was a large plate! The asparagus were mostly white but there were few slices of green ones. The soup was delicious: very creamy and tasty.

Then, we had homemade Taleggio cheese gnocchi. 

This was awesome! The gnocchi were very light and succulent; not only were they generous with the taleggio, but on top, they added parmesan and bacon for some slight smokiness! If you are at the same time a pasta and a cheese lover, this dish is for you! 

The last dish was seared scallops with a carpaccio of beets.
The presentation was beautiful with the nice contrast of colors. The scallops were perfectly seared and not rubbery at all. The beets were cooked and then very thinly sliced. Delicious!

I loved Vino Caffe: we had great cuisine for a good price! I would definitely recommend it!

Hochbrückenstr. 14 / Ecke Herrnstr.
80331 München
Enjoy (I did)!