European Vacation - Part 10 - Treats in Germany

I'll be honest with you: I was not thrill with the food I ate in Germany: heavy, heavy, heavy! So I was looking forward for sweets.

Cafe Hag in Munich:
In Munich, we ended up at Confiserie Rottenhöfer Café Hag. 

Address: Residenzstraße 25, 80333
Phone: 089 22 29 15

We went twice in fact. The entrance is kind of weird: first you go through the confiserie (sweets and chocolate store) and then you have the entrance to the cafe. The cafe is big and was very busy. There you could see either tourists or...senior people! The selection of cakes was pretty impressive and it looked yummy. We tried three of them:

First is the Schweineohr (pig's ear):
You probably saw these cookies in New York. In France, we call them palmier or palmito. This was my favorite: it was light, buttery and cripsy. If you like butter, you can easily be addicted to these!

The second cake was the Baumkuchen Torte, a chocolate layered cake.
This one was disappointing: the chocolate taste was not as pronounced as I had imagined. In fact, the only part I really enjoyed was the frosting....

Last was of course the Apple strudel. You cannot go to Germany without trying one!
It was good, but was missing some sweetness (I can't believe I just said that: usually, it is too sweet)!

So, overall, it was not a great experience, but I would go to Cafe Hag for sure for the Schweineohr and would try other pastries: with all the choice they have, I am sure there are some amazing one! No?

Bandy Brooks in Berlin - Ice cream and homemade chocolate:

Friedrichstr. 96  10117 Berlin, Germany
030 20962323

So, here we are in Berlin for our last day of vacation. The weather was very cold so far and it rained a lot. So we were happy to have a wonderful day with Spring temperatures so we could walk around the city. Of course, at some point, we decided to have a snack. We passed by Bandy Brooks, an ice cream and chocolate maker. They say that they make their ice cream with fresh ingredients on a daily basis. They have plenty of flavors: vanilla, banana, Belgian chocolate, wild berry,  crunchy macadamia, almond hazelnut, hazelnut, mango, etc...
They also make crepes with Nutella! My favorite! 

So we tried the vanilla ice cream:
And the hazelnut one:
The ice cream were delicious! Flavorful and creamy. Perfect treat to cool down! Definitely a good address.

Incredibly enough, these were the only treats we had in Germany!

For the most part, I enjoyed (I did)!