European Vacation - Part 9 - Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany

Anybody who went to Munich will tell you to go to the Hofbrauhaus! Even the taxi driver other there mentioned it!

It is a very old brewery owned by the state government of Bavaria and one of the epicenter of Oktoberfest in Munich. The brewery is beautiful inside with some amazing painted high ceilings. There is really a bavarian ambiance there between the loud band and the staff wearing traditional outfits!

Some would say that it is a tourist trap. I do not know. I can only say that their menu is pretty reasonable. For sure you will not find fine dining there! No, it is traditional bavarian food.

Of course, as it is a brewery and as we were in Germany, we had to have some beer.
I had the Hofbrau original. It was nice, slightly bitter and refresing. Perfect with the food we ordered!

So, first was the Mushroom pot.
It was a kind of cream of mushrooms made of mixed fresh mushrooms and served with two bread dumplings. This was pretty good (perfect dish for mushroom lovers), but quite heavy. The bread dumplings were good, but I could not imagine eating them without a soup!
We also picked the Hofbrauhaus sausage platter that had several different types of sausages. It was served with sauerkraut and mustard. The sausages were just ok for me. I think I prefer sausages with a more pronounced taste. The sauerkraut was too sweet: I did not like it. I prefer it sour.

Of course, we had some pretzels with our lunch.
It was good. At least they do not put as much salt as the carts you find in New York! Interesting enough, there was a staff member walking around the restaurant, selling some huge pretzels!

For our first lunch in Germany, I was not wowed by the food. However, I would go back to the Hofbrauhaus though for the folklore and the beer!

Enjoy (I kind of did)!


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