Spot Dessert Bar in New York, New York - Bring me a shovel!

Just hearing the name, you want to go! A DESSERT BAR!!! I did not even need to show an id to be able to enter there.

This place is quite interesting: located on St Marks, it is easy to miss. But I can tell you that not that many people missed it: it was packed (quite noisy too)! The concept is interesting: Classic "American" desserts with an Asian twist. I put American between quotes because  a lot of desserts are from around the world such as the creme brulée or the tiramisu.
The restaurant is not that big, so be patient if you go on a week end! In term of decor, it is mainly made of wood and most of the furniture is made of repurposed material. I also noticed some kind of plastic grass here and there...
If your well placed, you will have the chance to see the staff preparing desserts (real beehive over there) and you can't keep looking at the desserts they are bringing to the tables. 
The service was efficient and courteous. Despite the fact that it was packed and they needed our table, the waiter, after we payed, proposed us some more water and started to talk to us.

Now, let's talk about the most important thing: the desserts!
Imagine that they call regular desserts Tapas. Trust me: these are no tapas but regular desserts size. They propose for a discounted price to a combination of dishes (2,3,4,5...). We went for three and picked:

The Thai Tea creme brulée, served with a flour less jasmine rice wafer and a hot thai tea. Great presentation: it was served on a slate and the orange color of both the tea and dessert were vibrant. They added a bit of playfulness by providing additional syrup and condensed milk in case people want more flavor for their tea. Although the presentation was great, I did not really like the creme brulée.

The Chocolate Green Tea Lava, served with a green tea ice cream. The cake was delicious and not as sweet as what I would have expected! I loved the first bite when you see this mixture of chocolate and green tea fall off the cake like...lava. Very nice color. However, I did not like the ice cream: it had a very bitter taste. This was, with the Tea-Ramisu, one of the items that I saw the most leaving the kitchen.

The Green Tea-Ramisu made of matcha green tea essence, green tea madeleine sponge, shaved white chocolate-green tea. Let me tell you that, like the other desserts, the presentation was outstanding! It was served in a wooden box and had an incredibly vibrant green color. The taste was to die for, not too sweet and not bitter at all despite the fact that everything was with green tea! I think I still remember the first bite! The addition of the white chocolate was a great idea as it added some flavor to the dish. This was definitely my favorite!

We also tried a Tahitian Coconut cupcake: the cake was very good and moist and the cream cheese frosting delicious. It had a perfect proportion cake / frosting. Next time, I have to try the red velvet!

At the end of the day, even if I did not like all the desserts or part of it, I would go back: Chef Kittichai is very creative and the twist he is giving to these desserts makes this place unique. They are also serving brunch, so you may see me there one day, enjoying a crepe or a waffle!

Enjoy (I did)!

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