It is February 5th!!!

Today is one of the most important day of the year! It is marked with cheers and passion. People talked about it for weeks and will talk about it again several days after. People will gather together to celebrate it, bringing food and drinks to complete the picture. Fans will wear specific T-Shirts. There might be arguments between friends about it, but at the end, they will remember their friendship. Couples will fight, but at the end, they still love each other. 

That day is:

World Nutella Day!
©Word Nutella Day

Yes, it is today and we should all celebrate! What? You do not know what Nutella is??? It is a chocolate  hazelnut spread that was created in 1944 by an Italian Pastry maker, Pietro Ferrero who is also the founder of the Ferrero Company (great chocolate products). It all started when he tried to extend his chocolate supply with Hazelnuts that he found in the Piedmont area. At first, he sold a solid product, but few years later, he made a creamy version called "Supercrema". 

The name Nutella came several years later when his son, Michele, decided to change the name and work on the composition to make a more marketable product and sell it across Europe. The first jar of Nutella left the Ferrero factory on April 20 1964. It is now sold all around the world! So, you will ask me how February 5th is World Nutella Day and not April 20th? World Nutella Day started in 2007 when an American blogger living in Italy and appreciating this delicious spread realized that there was a days for anything, except Nutella. It was a way to get fans of this delicious spread celebrate and be creative (link to recipes below).

There are different ways to eat it: the most popular is on a toast (a thick layer please!) or in crepes, with or without bananas. I also tried one time Nutella cupcakes: it was awesome. There are many, many ways to appreciate it (click here for more recipes). Now, it is true that in term of nutrition, you will never lose weight on a Nutella diet (remember what I just said: you will NEVER lose weight with Nutella)....But, it is all about appreciating in moderation (right!).

So, join me in celebrating World Nutella Day!!!

Enjoy (I did and will)!

I you love Nutella or have questions, feel free to leave a comment!