Great Steak at Dino Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

Yesterday we went with close friends to one of my favorite Steakhouses: Dino & Harry's in Hoboken. I love this place: great service and most importantly great food! We did not have a reservation so it was good that we went early as the place got packed later! I do not think that it is because it was Restaurant Week, although I am sure it attracted some additional crowd. Of course, we followed the rule of not getting the Restaurant Week's menu in a Steakhouse. I did the test once at Dino & Harry's and it was disappointing (to learn more, click here). 

Here is an interesting story about this restaurant in Hoboken:  it opened in 1991 in a 1800's building, under the name Frankie and Johnnie's, a family owned venture that was created in New York during the prohibition by two waiters from Philadelphia. But in 2008, a legal battle between Dino Panopoulos, Harry Panopoulos' son and their cousins forced them to rename the restaurant to be able to have the sole control. This is how Dino & Harry's (re)started.

There is definitely a certain atmosphere in this restaurant, probably thanks to the decor: tin high ceiling, tiled floor (similar to the logo of the restaurant), warm red color of the walls, cherry bar and a more than a century clock. There is also a piano near the entrance, used on Fridays and Saturdays. I regret that they only serve dinner (at the time of publishing): they would open for brunch, I am sure they would have a great burger...

Each time I went there, the service has been efficient and courteous. Concerning the food, I always had great meat there (except in the Restaurant Week's menu)! The meat is usually tender, juicy and cooked to perfection (I typically ask for medium, sometimes medium rare).

I think I have tried most of the pieces of meat they propose:

  • My favorite is the porterhouse, a piece of meat taken from the short loin, with a T-shape bone that has on one side strip steak (usually the larger piece of meat) and tenderloin on the other side. They serve it with butter, so they always tilt the plate with a smaller plate when serving at the table. This is big piece of meat (for 2) and they cut it into slices so you do not have to fight with the person you ordered it with.

  • Then they have the filet mignon (filet de boeuf in French) that is the smaller part of the tenderloin. This is also a very tender piece. They prepare it with mushrooms that are a nice addition. I hate to order a steak and discover that it is swimming in a disgusting sauce that overpowers the taste of the meat (yes The Palm, you know what I am talking about)! Be aware that in France, Filet Mignon will refer to pork, so you might be disappointed when they bring the plate...
  • The ribeye is more fattier, still juicy and they served it with a nice char. 
  • If you do not like beef, you can have lamb: their lamb chops are huge! You can get 2,3 or 4 of them. The first time I tried, I went with 3...2 was enough! They are so juicy, that when you cut them the knife will make all this delicious juice go on the plate. 
You can add a sauce for an additional cost: bearnaise, poivre (pepper) or roasted garlic aioli. The bearnaise sauce is very good and homemade. One serving is ok for two.

To go with the meat, you can order sides. This is in this restaurant that I had the Italian Mac & Cheese that I tried to recreate (recipe here)! But this time, they did not have it! What a shame! I have noticed that it comes and goes, so do not desperate if you go there: they might serve it! 
Otherwise they have the classics: mash potatoes, fries, onion rings... Yesterday, they had three cheese gnocchi: it was an amazing dish! The gnocchi were very light and the cheese sauce delicious! It was so good that we should have ordered another one!

Last is of course desserts: the menu changes regularly. Their creme brulee is perfect. They also have the Snowboken that is vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, and chocolate cake and coconut. The presentation is great: they use a glass of wine that will be completely black thanks to the fudge. 

So it was definitely a great dinner! I should probably buy a pair of pajama jeans and wear them next time I go there!

Enjoy (I surely did)!

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