Del Frisco's steakhouse, land of the best crab cakes

I love a good steak! But once you have tried one, it kind of spoils your experience in other Steakhouses! So, the first time I went to Del Frisco's, I was skeptical. Especially after they pointed out that they are best known for their crab cakes. As far as I know, crab cakes are no red meat! I had the filet mignon. The meat was perfectly cooked, medium as I wanted it. It was presented pink in the center as the meat continued to cook in butter on the hot plate (I start to love this one!). To make sure it was cooked to perfection, the waiter asked me to cut the filet and he checked it was what I ordered. First time it happened to me.
The filet was very tender and my knife went through it without any effort. Then came the first bite: so good! This piece of meat was definitely of a high quality. 
Another time, I tried their lamb chops: perfectly cooked (if overcooked, it will be dry) and very tasty with a clean frenched bone.
Then I had to try their famous crab cakes! I was not disappointed! It was made with jumbo lump crab. Not sure how they made the crab cakes stay together, but it was clearly not by preparing them with lots of different ingredients that would have overshadowed the taste of the crab. I wanted crab and I got crab! 

Besides that, their sides are original and appetizing: lobster Mac & Cheese, King crab gnocchi or cauliflower and brie au gratin. All pretty good!

The only complaint would be their tendency to put too much pepper in their dishes! But even with that, it is one of my top choices for steak!

Enjoy (I did)!
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