Awful food at Ollie's (New York City)!

I love chinese food and was excited to go to Ollie's near Time Square. I ordered from them once, a day I was working late at the office and I remember that it was ok, although I always consider that food delivered loses its prime taste during the time of transportation.

In the restaurant, I noticed two things:

  • First, that most of the customers were asian. This is a good sign, because it means that they were probably looking for some authentic chinese cuisine, and it was a good place for that.
  • Second, the menu is quite big. Not sure this one is a good thing because the kitchen might be all over the place and I always favor quality over quantity! It is better to have fewer dishes that are amazing than plenty of average dishes.

So we picked few specialties:
  • The shrimp dumplings: I barely tasted the shrimp. Did they use one shrimp to make 6 dumplings?
  • The vegetables dumplings: this one was good. I usually find the dough too thick, but this one was perfect.
  • The chicken pan fried noodles: I am used to the crispy noodles that get soft because of the sauce. The noodles were good, but they barely put any! Did I make a mistake and ordered off the kid's menu? The sauce was too ginger-y and the chicken bland. Not the best choice and pricey.
I guess the only things I liked there were the hot tea and the veggie dumplings! It was a good excuse to get cookies from Zaro's after that!

You can pass on that one: there are plenty of other delicious chinese restaurants in New York City!

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