Tacos at The Taco Truck (Hoboken, NJ)

The Taco Truck is a good example of a food truck that succeeded. Imagine that: they started with a truck and now they have a storefront. Trucks are really becoming popular. When you go in the City, you see so many different trucks: tacos, cupcakes, sweets, dumplings, pyrogies, pizza....Soon, you will find: dentists, doctors, opticians...

So, let's go back to the Taco Truck: the adventure started in 2009, when two friends, inspired by their experience in Mexico and California decided to create their own spin on food shop (taqueria) and food truck locally. The Taco Truck was born and became popular quickly. Their truck goes either to Hoboken, Jersey City and to the Highline Mondays and Sundays! If you are in Hoboken, you can also go to their restaurant close to the path. Important to keep in mind that their food is all natural and prepared right away, a la minute: you cannot miss the freshness of the ingredients! 

I have tried several of their tacos. My favorite is the Pescado or fish taco (photo 1 below): crispy catfish, red cabbage, pico de gallo, Mexican tartar sauce and chipotle salsa. The crispiness of the catfish, the crunchiness of the cabbage and the different layers of flavors create an incredible experience. On top of that, if like me you add guacamole and cheese, you are in Heaven!
Of course, they have other good tacos:
  • if you want to eat vegetarian, the Hongos (mixed mushrooms, seasonal vegetables and epazote with lime-pickled onions and chipotle salsa - photo 2 below) is perfect. As I mentioned before, the ingredients are fresh and you will really feel it in this taco.
  • Pollo Asado (guajillo marinated grilled chicken with lime-pickled onions and roasted red salsa).
There are some that I did not really like, such as the Barbacoa de Costilla (pasilla braised shredded beef with onions, cilantro and roasted red salsa). The day I tried it, the meat was dry. Might have been a bad day! 

If you are not into tacos, they also have salads, soups, sides or great Tortas (mexican sandwiches that are toasted). The Hongos, similar to the taco is great. 

When we went, they had a special: Aguacate Tostado Tacos (fried avocado, black beans, sesame seeds, pickled onions and tortillas fritas with sesame ancho crema - photo 3 above). I never had fried avocado and I have to say it was dam good! They really have a way of creating the perfect pairing of ingredients!

Definitely, The Taco Truck makes great tacos. The drawback is that it will be your reference and will spoil any other taco experience you may have...Too bad! Or maybe too good!!!

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I just want to eat!
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