Mac Donald's to serve Baguette in France - The Mac Baguette?

Update 5/7/2012 - full review of the Mc Baguette by clicking here!

As incredible as it sounds, Mac Donald's is catering to its clients in France and will be selling baguette (traditional French bread) for breakfast (with butter and jam), as well as planning to have baguette sandwiches on its menu for several weeks starting April 18th in its 1200+ locations!
The burger will be made of Charolais beef meat (famous and prime quality), French-made Emmental cheese and mustard.
Opened at the end of the 70's in France, the franchised restaurant had to adapt to the French culture and introduce a different spin to its food (the Mc Cantal is a good example, Cantal being a famous French cheese). 

Now, why do they go that far? Simple: according to the Gira Council Cabinet, French people eat nine times more sandwiches than burgers and 60% of these sandwiches are made with baguettes! The bread will apparently be provided by The Holder Group, owner of Ladurée stores and Paul Bakeries (great sandwiches!). So, my fellow compatriots, are you ready for the Mac Baguette?