Cedric, A French Bistro in Harlem

Cedric is a 40 seats restaurant in Harlem, New York City, that opened in August 2011. The owner, Cedric Lecendre, lives in Harlem and decided to do something in and for Harlem. The restaurant is bright and modern, with a nice atmosphere (at least when I tried it for brunch!). The service was very good and attentive.

For brunch, they serve standard dishes such as French toasts or eggs (scramble, benedict). They also serve some classic French specialties like Mussels and fries or foie gras. I tried their Escargots de Bourgogne (snails): they are prepared with butter, garlic and parsley. When they brought the dish, the butter was still bubbling! Not only the snails were deliciously cooked, the sauce was addictive. We asked for more bread so we could dip the bread in it!
For entrees, we had the cheeseburger and the Croque Monsieur. The burger was amazing! The bun was good (I hate when it is a dry bun because it is the first thing you will taste when you take a bite). The meat was a thick patty, well cooked (I asked medium) and very juicy. There was enough cheese and buried under the patty, they put a sauce made of ketchup and mayonnaise. It is definitely a good place for a burger!
Unfortunately, the Croque Monsieur was not good (imagine this: I did not even finish my piece!). The bechamel sauce was cold, the bread was just ok (they could have used a better bread like Challah) and the cheese on top should have been better gratine. The appearance of the dish was not very appetizing either.

Despite the Croque Monsieur, I would go back to Cedric to try their dinner menu.

Enjoy (I did)!
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And remember: I just want to eat!