Brunch at The Turning Point in Hoboken, NJ

We went for brunch at The Turning Point in Hoboken, New Jersey. They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch. This place is always packed and we wanted to see if there was a reason for it. Their menu is quite large, with pancakes, waffles, eggs, soups, etc...We went for the banana foster waffle and the scrambled eggs. I will start with the eggs as it is straight forward: the eggs were dry!!! I do not understand how difficult it is to make good scrambled eggs! On top of that, the potatoes could have been cooked a little longer!
The waffle was good at least: it was served with a sweet dark rum sauce and they put an entire banana on it. The only mishap was that they served walnuts instead of toasted pecans as indicated on the menu. 

Considering the price, I think the Turning Point is at the same level as any Diner and I would probably go back there for their waffles and pancakes.

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I just want to eat! 
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