A Trip to Milwaukee - Part 8: The Best Short Ribs I Ever Had

So we went out with our friends one night and they proposed to go to Five O'Clock Steakhouse, named by Rachael Ray, "One of America's best Steakhouses". The restaurant, opened in 1948, gets its name because, according to the legend, an alarm clock was ringing everyday at 5pm to announce free drinks for the clients. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm, friendly and welcoming. Surprisingly, the main room was very dark, explaining why I will not publish any photo (I never use the flash for food photography).
Before you sit at the table, the waiter will meet you at the bar and take your command there. He will then setup the table for you. I though that was a nice ritual; if you come for the first time, you will be wondering what is happening (if you read this blog, you will not). What they do is that they setup the table with a salad, veggies, bread, butter and honey. I have to say that I passed on it as I wanted to focus on the meat. First came the short ribs: the best I ever had! The meat was literally falling off the bone! I think I dreamt about it for few days! Then, I ordered the bone-in ribeye (medium rare).The steak was slightly overcooked, making it medium. It had a nice char, was tender and juicy. The filet mignon was also delicious (apparently better the next day after being soaked in its juice all night!).  All steaks are served with sauteed mushrooms. 

If you decide to take home your leftovers, they will pour the steak and its juice in a plastic bag....

I would definitely go back to Five O'Clock Steakhouse. My only regret is that they do not ship their short ribs to New York!

Enjoy (I did)!
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