A Trip to Milwaukee - Part 4: Charro, A Touch Of Central and South American Cuisine!!

We went to Charro for a rehearsal dinner and it was so good that we went back! They have a large menu that gives you the choice between sharing small plates or having your own. For entrees, they propose dishes from different countries: Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, etc...

In this restaurant, I got an amazing butternut squash soup! The first one I got had carrots and ginger. The second one had onions and Caribbean spices.  This was so good that I could have licked the plate! The spices gave a nice twist to what could have just been a butternut squash soup and were not overpowering.
They also make their guacamole to your taste (mild or spicy) and serve it with either plantains or tortilla chips. You could really see that it was fresh!

They have great dishes:

  • The presentation of the Ecuadorian style ceviche, made of marinated grouper, roasted red pepper, coconut, honey and shallots was beautiful (served in a coconut)!
  • The Ropa Vieja (Cuban style braised beef and pork, sweet plantains, salsa verde and four types of cheeses) was incredibly moist with so many different flavors. They put the different components in layers, so you get the plantains in the bottom with the rice, then the meat and then the cheese. It is like going for a treasure hunt!
  • The vegetarian enchiladas were the best of this kind I tried: you could really taste the veggies and they were evenly cooked!
  • For dessert, their cheesecake with cashew brittle was amazing!

In fact, the only thing I did not like is the beef empanada. The rest was very good! I forgot to mention the bread they give you at the beginning: bad idea! It is so good that you are going to stuff yourself before the meal!

Charro is definitely a good restaurant to go to if you like this type of cuisine!

Enjoy (I did)!
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