A Trip to Milwaukee - Part 5: Bad, Bad, Bad!!!

Ok, sometimes I get great meals, sometimes, I don't! This post is about the bad, bad, bad choices we made in Milwaukee! Close to our Hotel (The Pfister - great by the way), were two promising restaurants: Cubanitas (Cuban) and Ouzo Cafe (Greek).

Let start with Cubanitas: promising because the manager is also the owner of Indulge Wine Bar that is a great place, and because Cuban food is delicious! We went for lunch; they asked us to order at the bar and then to pick a seat. Nothing terrible so far. But then they brought the food: the maduros were very dry, as was the rice. The beans were good for beans (I get the same from a can) and the empanada, beef and cheese, was just ok. How complicated is it to cook that? If you go to La caridad in NYC or La Isla in Hoboken, you will get some great cuban food (La Caridad is cuban and chinese). On top of the bad food, the people working there were not nice: it is as if we offended them when we asked for plates!

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Then the second bad choice is Ouzo Cafe. As the name suggests, it is a greek restaurant. I saw a review saying: "The best greek food in Milwaukee". Is there only one greek restaurant there??? 
We went for lunch. Although the restaurant was not crowded, the service was very, very slow. Then comes the food.  They brought us some homemade pita: very good. We then went with the saganaki (greek cheese flambe): it was good but a little too salty. Then comes the greek salad: in term of appearance, it looked good and fresh, with very nice colors. But it was overdressed and the dressing tasted funny. There was definitely some ouzo in it but I found the taste definitely weird. Then the best: I decided to try the greek feast: a combination of lamb gyro, dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice and herbs, with a lemon sauce on it), pastitso (baked pasta, ground beef, cheese and bechamel sauce), spanakopita (spinach and feta in a phyllo) and moussaka. The appearance of the dish was horrible and it was a mess: I was wondering if somebody barfed on the plate! It was not appetizing at all. The gyro was salty and most of the dish did not taste good at all. That was a big disappointment!
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I would definitely avoid these two restaurants, although I may have given a second chance to Cubanitas as some other customers commented positively on the sandwiches....