A Trip to Milwaukee - Part 2: Wine and Cheese at Indulge Wine Bar!

We passed by few times in front of Indulge, a Wine Bar located North Milwaukee street and decided to try it (it opens at 4:30pm). Started in 2008, they serve wine, cheese, charcuterie and chocolates! What a program! When we went there, there was a wine tasting and we tried some very good Parducci wine, especially the pinot noir...

The decor is modern, clean and classy, with a dark setting, and the service was good. They offer a nice menu where you can mix cheese and meat! Our pick was:
  • Wisconsin artisan cheese plate: composed of Sartori Rosemary Asiago, Carr Valley 4-year cheddar, Sartori Sarvecchio parmesan and Carr Valley cocoa Cardona.
  • Tripple cheddar cheese plate: Snow white goat cheddar, Carr valley 4-year cheddar (again???), applewood smoked cheddar (divine!).
  • Truffle shuffle plate: started with a box of truffle popcorn (they should try that in movie theaters!), truffle tremor cheese (very strong), foie gras mousse pate and truffle mousse plate. 
All the cheeses were delicious, at the exception of the truffle tremor cheese that was very strong! We did not try the chocolates but they looked delich!

I think there is a misconception about cheddar cheese and it is probably because people only try the processed one! A good aged cheddar on a piece of bread or in Mac and Cheese is delicious! I think I am hungry just thinking about it!

Anyway, if you like the concept of Wine Bar, sharing plates, cheese and charcuterie, go to Indulge and...indulge!

Enjoy (I did)!
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