How We Walked Out Of Zen Palate (New York, NY)!

Zen Palate is the first vegetarian restaurant I tried after hearing my wife talking about it and I have to admit that, even if I am more a meat guy, I like it. I think it all comes to preconceived ideas once have about vegetarian food! 
They have several locations in the city: on 18th, 46th and 105th. The restaurant on 46th street was closed once by the Department of Health, but for sure with the grades now (they have an A), they will be careful or at least, it gives some indications to the customers if they should eat there or not! 

So, we went to their 46th location and right away noticed the makeover: we went from a small dark restaurant to a modern bright one with a simple decoration. My stomach was all happy to be sitting at a table for dinner, after a light lunch (I insist: light). 

Based on the way the restaurant is run, here are some basic rules:
  • First, if you manage a restaurant, be organized: nobody seemed to be taking care of us. In fact, it seems that everybody thought that the other person was taking care of us! Note that the restaurant was not that crowded on top of that.
  • Second: if you have a bad memory, write the order! Two minutes after I showed my choice to the manager on the menu, she asked me again if it was what I wanted!
  • Third: based on second, you have a bad memory; so, enter the order right away on the computer! Tell the old man that he needs to wait 5 minutes before talking to you! When I saw her taking to the man, I was sure it would not be good....
After a fair amount of minutes and seeing people who arrived after us getting their food, they saw that we were inquiring for it and realized that they forgot our order! They started to freak out and even proposed to give us a 50% discount. But, we just wanted to eat and my stomach was telling me to leave as I may have appreciated the food, but would not have been... Zen in that environment (if you are in a mood for some food, you have to be in the correct mindset to appreciate it, otherwise, you will notice any flaw - at least, this is the way I am)!  

So we ate that night, vegetarian, but at Two Boots Pizza!