How to make a perfect poached egg

Making a perfect poached egg is not that simple, except if you know a trick to keep the shape of the egg. If you just drop the egg in the water, that will not do it as the white will just go all over the place. So, here is a trick learnt from Chef Dave Martin: 
Image of recipe poached egg
  • bring the water to a boil. If you have a gas stove, turn it off; if you have an electric stove, remove the pan from it so the water stops boiling. 
  • create a swirl in the middle of the pan. 
  • crack the egg in a bowl and dump it in the center of the swirl. The movement created by the swirl will make the white wrap around the yolk. Wait 30 seconds and then put back the pan on the stove.
  • cook until the white is not translucent anymore. Et voila!

Bon appétit!